Week One Over On To Week Two!!!

Well week one wasn’t to bad. I don’t have any 8:30 classes so I get to sleep in a little later than I did last year. Preseason has already started. We started on Wednesday. I was nervous, but excited to get back on the track. I’ve decided to do flag football this year. I’m really excited and hoping to have a lot of fun with that.

It’s amazing how different I feel compared to how I felt this time last year. Last year I was in my room a lot because I hadn’t mad many friends yet and I was extremely home sick. Now I am barely ever in my room and I have a single this year, which I am very ecstatic about by the way. I’m not home sick either. I know I’ll see my family for breaks so right about now I feel amazing. Hoping for a year filled with fun, laughter, and many memories!!!

Summer fun almost done

I’m realizing it’s almost time to get back to school. We have about a month or so left!! I’m really excited to see my friends. I’m excited to get back to track. I’ve been lifting weights and running this summer to stay in shape. I’m really excited for the season to start, even though I know that’s a long ways away. I’ve still got pre-season to make it through. I am excited to be living in a single this year!!! I am just excited to have a room to myself. I guess the only thing I’m not so excited about is actually doing school work, but then again who is!! My summer is going great and I hope everyone else’s summer is going great too!! =)

Summer is near!!!

I have one final tomorrow and on Tuesday I turn in a paper and take my last final then I’m home bound on Wednesday. This year has went really well. The track season ended good and I’m excited for next year. I know I’m going to miss my friends. I guess its going to be weird being home for a whole 2 to 3 months. I’m so used to being here, but I’m excited to see all of my family and friends. I hope I can get a job this summer and save up money. The only thing that I guess I’m really worried about is having to pack all my stuff up to take home. This is going to be interesting haha. Well, I wish everyone a good summer!!!!

Week 9!!

I can’t believe my first year is almost over. It seems like I just said goodbye to┬áparents yesterday. I’m really excited to go home and see my friends and spend time with them, but I know I’m going to miss my friends from here. It’s hard to believe that track is almost over too. We had conference this past Friday, and Saturday. We took third place as a team and I am All-Conference in long jump, triple jump, and the 4x4. It was a really exciting meet. I’m really excited about track next year because I’ve learned so much this year and I just can’t wait to see what happens!!!


I’ve been extremely busy lately between school and track. I’m really excited that the whether is warming up. It’s not fun running outside when it’s cold. My classes are going really well. My favorite class right now is my philosophy class. My teacher is extremely funny. It’s week five and we have midterms this week. Only five more weeks of school, one week of finals, and finally it will be time for summer!!!!! I’m going to be happy to be home to see my family and friends, but I’m going to miss my friends from here too!!


I’m sitting in my dorm room watching tv. It’s quiet since no one is here because its break. I’m still here for track. I’m glad that we don’t have school right now. I needed a break!!! I’m excited about my next term classes though. I got into all my first choice classes, so next term should be really good.


I feel extremely tired right now. Track meets have finally arrived. We have a meet this Saturday and I am nervous!!!!!!! I am so busy with school and track I don’t have time for much else. The phoneathon is only two more weeks and I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to finish working it. I’m just don’t seem to have time. Classes are going okay, but I still hate spanish. Well I think I’m going to take a nap now since I have no more classes. Practice is 4:30 in Carver then 5:30 in pepsico. I’ll sleep until 3:30. NAP TIME!!!!!! =)